Our vow:

 Leave No Dog Behind.  

 We have taken on a lot strays and severe cases 

involving serious medical attention.  

We do not focus on any specific breed, age, or size. 

 We take them all and let the still glimmering light in their eyes speak for them.  

Masumi Hara, CEO of Doggies 911 Rescue, in addition to being a behavioral trainer and rescuer, is also a talented artist.  The image to the below shows just some of her incredible work.  Because Doggies 911 is in desperate need of funds to be able to continue saving lives of animals, she is generously offering nearly the entire portion of the proceeds of her artwork to go directly to our organization.  If you are interested in having a portrait of your dog or cat (or maybe your parakeet) drawn by Masumi, please contact her at infousa@doggies911.com.   You will not be disappointed!  A great drawing and the ability to aid a local animal rescue, sounds good to me!  Thanks Masumi! 

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