Doggies 911 Rescue took on 6 medical needs dogs recently.  They urgently needed our help, and we rushed to save them.  Now, Doggies 911 needs your help to pay for their growing medical expenses. We are trying to raise $10,000.  Please view our video, share, and donate via our YouCaring fundraiser: http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/help-doggies-911-rescue/292090 No amount is too small.  You can also see these dogs on our Special Needs Dogs page.  Thank you!


We were notified by Don Norton of Pacific Harbor Line of a young German Shepherd that had been living in an abandoned lot adjacent to the business.  On December 11th, Masumi, Yuko, and Christine set out to rescue the dog before an oncoming storm.  Please view the video below to see what happened. 

BeingTrained by D911 Top Dog    (after) 


Our organization's purpose is to save the lives of the sick, injured, homeless, abused, abandoned animals.  Our efforts focus specifically on rescue, treatment, rehabilitation, fostering, behavioral training, education, and adoption.  We do not limit ourselves to breed, age, or condition of an animal.  We open our hearts to all of them.  From the seriously ill, to those who have lost the light.  We spend our resources ensuring  all  our dogs medical, emotional, and behavioral needs are attended to.

In taking  extra steps, we want to guarantee the comfort and safety of our dogs before adopting.  All our dogs are spayed/neutered at the appropriate time and when ready, are placed into loving forever homes based on our strict guidelines.  Once in our arms, we want to ensure that our dogs are no longer in danger, scared and alone.  We also work to aid other rescues, increase awareness on spay/neuter, and educate the public on animal cruelty.  Our vow: TO LEAVE NO DOG BEHIND.


Our organization is made up entirely of volunteers serving to save the lives of animals in need.  Any donations made to our organization will go directly towards the animals.  Examples include the following:

  • Veterinary Expenses (i.e. Emergency Surgeries, Dental, Treatment for Skin Conditions such as Mange, etc.)
  • Spay/Neuter
  • Deworming, Fecal Test, Vaccinations, Micro-chipping
  • Grooming
  • Pet Food, Flea Medication, Toys, Crates
  • Blankets and Clothes (when needed) 
  • Training by our Behavioral Trainer, Masumi Hara (when necessary)

Please help save the life of an animal in need by donating through our Paypal link below.  We take on many hardship dogs, dogs that others would walk by because they are so sick or injured. Every animal deserves a chance; please allow us to give these animals a chance at a good life.  Please note: Your donation is tax deductible as we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

We understand if you cannot make a monetary donation.  We are always in need of TOWELS, BLANKETS, LAUNDRY DETERGENT, BLEACH, & CRATES.  If you have any of these items to donate, we would be thrilled to receive them.  


We are only able to take on the amount of dogs that we have foster homes for.  On occasion a foster will take in two or three.  But we are in dire need of new fosters all the time.  So if you feel the same compassion for dogs as we do, please contact us to see about becoming a foster family for a needy dog.  Also, check out our FOSTERING page for more information. 


As mentioned above, we take on a lot of medical cases, including dogs that have been hit by cars, abused and nearly decapitated, and spread with tumors. Many times owners surrender their dogs to the shelter because they don't want the burden or financial responsibility of taking care of their sick or injured dog.  We don't believe these animals should be denied a chance at a good life.

Please take a look at some of our Special Needs Dogs.  Doggies 911 Rescue is making a difference in these dogs lives.  Click to see our dogs that are in need of or have had surgery.  And please make a donation, if possible, so that we can continue helping dogs, dogs like Angel and Balto below.


Angel was found by one of our rescuers, Cathy, just in the nick of time.  This poor, 6 month old, Shepherd mix pup was living off the streets, literally, living on scraps of metal as you can see in the picture below.  She had 4 bottle caps in her stomach!  Perhaps she was living in a scrap yard, but we will never know.  When we got her, doctors at South Shores Pet Clinic had to perform emergency surgery to remove all the metal otherwise she was not going to make it.  But she made it!  Thanks to Cathy for saving our Angel and for Eldad Hager, another amazing rescuer, for donating to her surgery.  You are all Angels. 



One HUGE happy ending for this sweet Boxer, Balto.  Balto was hit by a car on the freeway and ended up in the shelter, and then in our arms after a lot of networking by the animal rescue community.  Balto was in pain from his injuries and also depressed, having lost his doggie friend and brother, who was hit and killed on the same freeway.  Balto would not leave his side, causing him to also be struck by a car.  When we got him, he immediately underwent surgery, one of three, that would take a month to recover from.  After a few weeks of being in our care, Balto was reunited with his owners as you will see in the video below.  Three major surgeries later, with a BIG help from our special donators, Balto was all fixed up and ready to go to his home where he was greatly missed by his family that awaited. Balto is now happy to be at home with his family.  Please click on the video on the right to view an update. 


One of our founders, Masumi Hara, is also a behavioral trainer that believes "to give is not always love."  Tough Love will give you and your dog a healthy, positive lifestyle.  For more information about her behavioral training services, please visit her website, www.doggies911.com, as well as our TRAINING page.  You can also read more about her in an article written in Palos Verdes Patch.

Palos Verdes Patch

Masumi Hara: The PV Dog Whisperer

Good news: Your dog isn't the problem.

When neighbors started to complain about my two rambunctious dogs, Charlie the “terror”-ier and Madison the Sidekick Shepherd, I knew I had to take action. Just watching Cesar Millan Dog Whisperer wasn’t cutting it anymore; I had to get the real deal.  (((READ MORE OF ARTICLE )))


All of our dogs are vetted at SOUTH SHORES PET CLINIC. Please visit their website, www.sspet.com, for more information regarding their services and their highly trained staff. 



ATTENTION ALL SHOPPERS:  RALPHS GROCERY STORE has found a way to give back to your favorite organizations, including us!  All you have to do is sign up online at www.ralphs.com.  If you've already set up an online account, sign in, and go to the Community Rewards tab on your profile page.  Link up your account with our organization by editing your Community Contribution Program Information.   Doggies 911 Rescue's organization number is 93679. For those of you who haven't set up an account online, it's super easy.  Just follow the steps to 'Create an account' and be sure to have your Ralphs card handy.  If you don't have your card handy, you can also use your alternate 10-digit ID number, which should be the telephone number associated with your account. Once you've activated your account, link it up to Doggies 911 Rescue, as indicated above.   Then all you have to do is shop, and a percentage of your monthly purchases gets contributed to D911.  SIMPLE.  SHOP AND HELP SAVE A LIFE!  


Help provide food for dogs and cats in need by clicking on the banner below.  You will not only learn new fun facts about different breeds, but at the same time, you will help feed many many shelter dogs and cats.  It costs nothing but a few seconds of your time.  Thank You.

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