Make a difference in a precious one's life.  Foster a dog. 

What does it mean to Foster a canine pal?    

Have you ever wanted to help out with rescue but don't know what to do?  Or have you always loved dogs but can not have one long term?

Fostering is something that you should consider. What does the term Fostering mean ?  It means, you take a Doggies 911 Rescue dog home. Treat the dog as if it were your own.  Teaching it commands, helping to potty train.  Walking it and giving it the love and affection you would for your own dog.  Administering any medicines, if needed.  Keeping the dog clean along with its crate and bedding.

We take care of its vaccinations, de-worming, any medicines it might need, and get the dog spayed/neutered. We will try to place a dog in your care that you are used to size wise and activity level wise.  We have a fostering application to fill out to better accommodate what type of dog would be suitable for you to foster.

The foster will transport the dog to adoption site, and pick the up dog at the end of the day, if it does not get adopted.  Foster will have to understand that once we find a suitable home for the dog that we take the dog to the new home.

Doggies 911 is always the legal owner of any foster, until it is legally adopted.  

The more fosters Doggies 911 has, the more dogs will have a chance at happiness!!!

Please consider becoming a foster.

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