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Big Red 

This poor baby - Big Red - was rescued by our very own, Marilyn Vittone, on the streets of Rancho Palos Verdes.  He had been sighted a couple of times by a few people, over the course of two days,  and finally Marilyn got the call.  Big Red was not only exhausted from roaming the streets for what we can guess to be weeks, but starving, and seriously injured.  With the help of some trusty, Turkey bacon, Big Red was on the streets no more.  He was rushed to South Shores Veterinary Clinic where he currently awaits surgery. As you can see from the pictures, upon evaluation and numerous x-rays, Big Red has a large, infected mass that is not only painful but has affected his movement and has caused him to be anemic. Surgery will remove the mass and a biopsy will be taken.  Big Red has a long road ahead, but he is finally resting and getting the care he needs.  He is safe.     

Video below.  Please make a donation towards Big Red's medical care.  NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL. 

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