Our organization takes on many SPECIAL NEEDS DOGS.  Please make a donation to help our rescue; we are only able to help these special dogs through donations from the public.  Please help.

If you can spare any amount to help our rescue with the expensive cost of upcoming surgeries and treatment, we will be ever so appreciative.  Just click on our Paypal button above or next to our dogs below.  Thank you.


This is our new baby, Barkley. Barkley was rescued from Harbor Shelter where he remained in ISO with serious injuries to his back legs, now presumed to be from being hit by a car. Although in terrible pain and discomfort, this poor boy learned to walk on his front legs. He has now undergone surgery, lasting almost 4 - 1/2 hours. But he has months of rehab, hospitalization, and follow-up car ahead of him. We were also told his injuries were old and he may have nerve damage. Please keep Barkley in your prayers and consider making a donation for his ongoing medical care. We will continue to post updates on his condition. Thank you. 


Please view this incredible video put together by our behavioral trainer and rescuer, Masumi Hara.  It documents the rescue of Linda and the conditions she had been living in.  

Linda was rescued along with 7 puppies.

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